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Обложка «The White Duke»

The White Duke

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Once in the land of (eternal) beautiful and calm archimetsiuses, who is winged people, evil rushed in, and the Heavenly Plateau, and only two managed to escape. When The White Duke was given a prophecy that a «lonely heart» would help his people and the Lands of Milanta, he and the Empress believed the guest that he had arrived in their land… However, when the truth was revealed, Noah De Votellier would return to Milanta to become godfather for a real savior, and everything will be different.

Тип: Электронная книга
Жанр: русское фэнтези, современная русская литература
Цена: 360.00 руб.
Правообладатель: Издательские решения
Добавлена: 04.03.2021

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